The mission of the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center is to promote stewardship and sustainability through environmental education and habitat restoration.

Register your kids for a summer camp, explore nearby recreations and nature, and donate to help sustain the local environment! The Environmental Center opened its newest facility in 2008. This facility is a teaching tool on sustainable building practices, serving as a model for green living on Eastern Shore. It is a resource center for those engaging in “smart growth,” as well as a portal for visitors to admire the local culture through rotating art exhibits. The center offers programs and series for all ages! Attend educational lecture series on the environment, or take guided hikes of nature trails. Take part in a guided kayak trip, or rent your own kayak for the day.

Check out the Annual Paddlepalooza event!


Wildlife abounds in five unique habitats, including wildflower meadows, wetlands, tidal ponds, woodlands, and sandy beaches. Grab your bows and arrows, or whatever you prefer to use in the hunting game, and get outdoors. Find local nearby outfitters below.

Nature, Hunting, and Equestrian