B&J Guide Service

B&J Guide Service

25245 Lovers Ln., Chestertown

B & J has been hosting hunters to Maryland’s famed Eastern Shore for over 40 years. They have an impeccable reputation for quality hunting locations, hard work, and a wonderful hunting experience. Some of the largest Whitetail bucks in the country have been recorded from the area.

Waterfowl hunting is as good as it gets as the Atlantic Flyway funnels large migrations of Canada and Snow geese to the Shore. Diver ducks (bluebills, canvasbacks, buffleheads, goldeneyes, etc.), as well as many species of Puddle ducks (mallards, black ducks, teal, woodies, gadwalls, pintails, etc.) migrate to the many ponds and rivers provided by the Chesapeake Bay. They hunt only from leased farms totaling over 6,000 acres. Many of these farms have been retained by us for over 30 years insuring that they are well managed and not over hunted. All hunts are hosted by experienced guides who have been hunting on the Shore their entire lives. You will have a great experience when you partner with B & J Guide Service for your next hunt!


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