Take a trip to the past and relive the historic culture found within Queen Anne’s County! Get a true feel for what life back in the early days was like, and learn about the county’s interesting antiquity. History is plentiful in the over three-hundred-year-old county of Queen Anne’s. Kent Island, situated at the foot of The Chesapeake Bay Bridge, is the site of the first English settlement (1631) within Maryland, and the country’s third after Jamestown and Plymouth Rock.

Did you know? Kent Island is the largest island in the bay!

Calling all History-buffs! Marvel at the county’s rise from colonial past, as history can be relived as the county is home to nearly twenty well preserved historic sites. Within Stevensville alone, your explorations are endless from the Cray House to the Historic Christ Church to the Old Stevensville Post Office.

Kent Fort Manor Marker was the first trading post, settlement, and fort at the southern end of this island in 1631. This fort was settled by William Claiborne.

The Chesapeake Heritage & Visitor Center

The Center celebrates the vibrant and exotic culture of the local area, highlighting everything from the changing Chesapeake Bay, the ample maritime industry, local agricultural farms and landmarks, and more. Most of all, the Heritage & Visitor Center accentuates the stages of construction of one of Maryland’s Wonders: The Chesapeake Bay Bridge.