Tee up

…and get your golf game on! Head to one of Queen Anne’s County’s golf courses and swing away on freshly trimmed greens with challenging holes!


History Fun Fact!

Visit the 14th hole at the Queenstown Harbor Golf River Course to experience our country’s history firsthand. Looking between the tip of Eastern Neck Island (right) and Love Point, the north end of Kent Island (left), you will see and hear what inspired Francis Scott Key on September 12, 1814 in writing the Star Spangled Banner.

Blue Heron Golf Course

Originally a nine-hole short course owned by Queen Anne’s County, Blue Heron has grown throughout the years into an eighteen-hole golf course named as one of the Top Ten Short Courses in America in 2006 by Golf Range Magazine.

Operated by Queen Anne’s, this course is suitable for all ages and skills. With surrounding water, even the best-of-the-best, experienced golf pros find this course to be exciting, and a step up from their regular golf games. The course also offers lessons and welcomes first time golfers and beginners.

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Queenstown Harbor

Looking for a true challenge to test out your golf skills? Queenstown Harbor is one of the most scenic yet difficult golfing experiences in the area. The course features 36 holes on two unique layouts, “The River” and “The Lakes.”

Get ready to play some unforgettable rounds at this spectacular Chesapeake Bay waterfront golf course. This premier golf destination welcomes golfers of all skill levels, but truly challenges those looking for a more difficult game.

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