Kent Narrows Landing

Kent Narrows Landing

Piney Narrows Road, Chester

Q.A. Co. Public Landing Permit Required 

This 1.0-acre site is primarily used for boat launching from the two 34 foot wide boat launching ramps. Parking is available for approximately 85 vehicles. This is one of the premiere public boat ramps on the Queen Anne’s County side of the lower Chester River, and as a result, this site is heavily trafficked throughout the summer months. Boaters will find this is an excellent staging area for cruising east towards Queenstown (5 miles), northwest towards Rock Hall (11 miles), or out into the open waters of the Chesapeake Bay (8 miles).

Paddlers should use this location with caution due to the heavy boat traffic, and swift currents, which run up to three knots.

Portable toilets are provided from April to October