Crumpton Landing

Crumpton Landing

400 Market Street, Crumpton

Q.A Co. Public Landing Permit Required

The public boat ramp at Crumpton is an excellent put-in site for paddlers and small boat (<14’) enthusiasts. This small 0.3-acre facility has a 14-foot wide boat launching ramp. DUE TO SILT AT END OF RAMP AND CHANNEL, USE OF RAMP AT LOW TIDE MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE.  DEEP LANDING RAMP MAY BE A BETTER OPTION.

The water directly in front of the public landing is fairly open and somewhat exposed to southerly winds, but there are several creeks nearby that allow paddlers to duck into protected, scenic waterways.  Heading upstream will take you under the Crumpton Bridge where the water opens into a fairly large bay that extends for one mile before the river narrows again as it winds its way towards Millington.  Red Lion Branch, on river right shortly after passing under the bridge, is an excellent side trip for those heading in this direction.  Downstream, the small tributary of Pearl Creek is just a few hundred yards from the landing on river left, and on the Kent County side, there is a beautiful unnamed creek approximately one mile downstream of the landing that winds its way past broad marshes before petering out after one mile in a mass of tangled brush.  For those interested in exploring the river proper, it is 7 miles upstream to Millington and 8.5 miles downstream to Chestertown.

Portable toilets are provided April to October